The Skinny Boys

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The Skinny Boys are an US hip hop group originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Among the members Shockin' Shawn (Shaun Harrison), Superman Jay (James J. Harrison) is the beatboxer Jock Box (Jacque D. Lloyd).

The group's name was apparently inspired by the hip hop pioneers The Fat Boys and the members seemed to market themsleves as their counterparts. Just as The Fat Boys had their beatboxer Darren Robinson The Human Beat Box, The Skinny Boys have Jacque D. Lloyd The Human Jock Box.

Their single "Jock Box" was influenced by The Fat Boys' single "Human Beat Box" and is one of the rare tracks in which a lip bass is playing a simple melody for a short time. At the same time the melody is also played on the synthesizer that accompanies the whole song in a very simple way.