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A wiki is a freely usable Internet service for everyone. Registration is not required. Anyone who wants to can write and change wiki pages. Restrictions exist only in the adherence to generally accepted rules of cooperation. All changes are logged and can be undone at any time (so you cannot do anything wrong).

A wiki wants to be a comprehensive reference work, either in general like the original Wikipedia, or on special topics – the BeatboxPedia, for example, wants to become a comprehensive reference work on the topic of "The Human Beatbox". The current maintainers of the BeatboxPedia are in good spirits, but of course they are not experts in all fields. But because so many beatboxers are still active, they believe in the usefulness of the BeatboxPedia and are working hard on its content and how it will be presented.

The BeatboxPedia was started by Syncrow on 6th June, 2021 in concern that important knowledge about the art form might be lost in a few decades. Historical aspects or the general origins in particular will be more and more difficult to be reconstructed in the future as witnesses pass or important recordings will be lost as archives are not maintained properly.

Everyone who wants the Human Beatbox to be documented should participate in the BeatboxPedia. The BeatboxPedia should be the place to go if you have a question about Beatboxing or The Human Beatbox, be it about its origins, its technique, hardware, events, be it questions about historical details, whatever. If you share your knowledge here, everyone will benefit.

When you are not sure, how to write an article in the BeatboxPedia, you should take a look here [1] for a moment. Also you can view the sourcetexts of other articles in the BeatboxPedia.

If you have any criticism of an article, you should talk about this on the discussion page before you make major changes.