The Fat Boys

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Damon Yul Wimbley (*4th November 1966 in Brookdale Hospital), Kool Rock-Ski

Darren Robinson (June 10, 1967 – December 10, 1995), also known as Big Buff, Buff Love, Buffy, The Human Beat Box, The Ox That Rocks, and DJ Doctor Nice (among other aliases)

Mark Anthony Morales (February 19, 1968 – February 18, 2021), also known as Prince Markie Dee

The Fat Boys were the first group to release a full a cappella track consisting only of beatboxing and rapping. It is the sixth track on their first album Fat Boys (1984) with its corresponding title "Human Beat Box". The following two albums each contained a similar a cappella track, The Fat Boys Are Back with "Human Beat Box Part II" and Big & Beautiful with "Beat Box Part III".

The Fat Boys's popularity was very high in particular in the USA and Europe but also worldwide with the release of several singles, commercials, and even feature films etc. while in the beginning Doug E Fresh was rather limited to the US market.




  • 1984 Fat Boys/Human Beat Box
  • 1984 Jailhouse Rap
  • 1985 Can You Feel It
  • 1985 The Fat Boys Are Back
  • 1985 Hard Core Reggae
  • 1985 Don't Be Stupid
  • 1986 Sex Machine
  • 1986 In the House
  • 1987 Falling in Love
  • 1987 Wipeout
  • 1988 The Twist
  • 1988 Are You Ready for Freddy
  • 1988 Louie, Louie
  • 1989 Lie-Z
  • 1989 Just Loungin


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