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Commercial is a medium that is made to promote a commercial product. Commercials can be made in a printed form (posters, or ads in a newspaper or websites), audio- or visual recording (for TV or radio).

Beatboxing is often used in TV or radio commercials to advertise products for younger audiences.

The first beatbox TV commercial was made in 1984 for the Swiss manufaturer "Swatch". In this clip The Fat Boys are rapping and advertising the wrist watches.

"SWATCH!!!" – a man yells, before the vibe abruptly shifts to an elegant black-tie affair. All of the attendees seem somewhat bored by the festivities, including one young lady, wearing three multi-colored watches simultaneously. She laments where the “Fat Boys” are and within seconds, three large men clad in matching, bright-yellow jackets, jump out of a helicopter and land at the party. The Boys' arrival gives the soiree a much needed boost, and they promptly demand that the partygoers "Swatch'em", a command that their high class audience seems to actually comprehend. The trio soon launches into a rap about Swatch’s water and shock-resistant qualities, completing the party's transition into a full-scale hip hop dance rager. A coordinated pose at the end of the commercial confirms that each of the guests was covertly wearing Swatches on each of their wrists all along.