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Gavin Tyte (born ???; United Kingdom) better known as TyTe or Tyte is a beatboxer, beatbox educator and reverand.

Tyte is one of the very first beatboxers among Buffy and YoYoBeats, who has already started beatboxing in the 1970s.

Together with Mark Splinter he developed the Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN), which he published on Humanbeatbox.com in 2002. It was the first and very simple form of transcribing beatbox sounds by just using the letters from the latin alphabet.

Tyte was also the first person who systematically analysed the basic beatbox sounds and recorded video tutorials on the DVD "Learn to Beatbox Vol. 1". It contains detailed descriptions of how beatbox sounds and beats are made and also how they are transcribed.

Tyte is also the creator of the Iconophonic Beatbox Notation (IBN), which he published on his website bzzktt.com in 2015.