Drum set

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A drum set or drum kit consists of several drums and cymbals, which are combined and arranged in such a way that they can be operated by a single player.

Bass drum[Bearbeiten]

The bass drum is played with a foot machine.


The snare drum is identical to the snare drum of the orchestra, it has so-called snares made of metal spirals on the bottom.


The three tom-toms have different sizes. Two are mounted on the bass drum (hanging toms), the largest is on the floor (floor tom).


The hi-hat is a double cymbal on a stand.

Crash cymbal[Bearbeiten]

The loud crash cymbal is for accents.

Ride cymbal[Bearbeiten]

The hissing ride cymbal is for a continuous rhythm.

Drum sounds in beatboxing[Bearbeiten]

Drum sounds are the elemantary sounds of beatboxers and vocal percussionists.

While vocal percussionists usually focus on the pure imitation of drum sounds, beatboxers tend to make use of the full spectrum of the human voice by imitating also electronic sounds, vocal scratching and other effects to their rhythms. Sometimes beatboxers even make use of body percussion like Buffy with his close to 'mouth clapping'.