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Anthony Rivera, also known as Click Tha Supah Latin, Supah Latin, or Click88, is a US-American beatboxer and music producer from California.

First album This Iz How I Know (1997)
Second album Square Won (2001)

His ability of mastering the clicks and clickrolls so well inspired him for his artist name.

Clicks's second album Square Won is the first album to contain a remix version of an original beatbox track. The last track on the album "The Fifth L.E. (Beatbox Rmx)" is a remix of the forth track "The Fifth L.E.". They both are a cappella tracks using only two voices. The lyrics, which are rapped by Matthew Bodden aka "Reignman" are accompanied by Riveras beatboxing.


  • This Iz How I Know (Wild West, 1997)
  • Square Won (Wild West/Underload/Fluid, 2001)
  • Contact (G Boy Entertainment, 2007) under the artist name Click88